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Inspiration for the
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Wonder is the mover of the world. Wonder, imagination and inventiveness are the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Each helps to stimulate our mind to assure us of a fulfilling day, every day.

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I am an experienced author and visual artist keen about communication. I love to work with brands, publishers and agencies to develop strong content, creative campaigns, and engaging products.

My creations prompt the audience to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside of the box.

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Illusory “figures” depend partly in regular ‘gaps’ in the printed figure (modal completion phenomenon). Such figures may also appear brighter than the background, as shown by the Ehrenstein illusion below.

Ehrenstein figure

I would like to discuss about one of my oldest illusions I created in the 90s. In the picture you may see ghostlike dark radial beams. This illusion is a variant of the Herman’s scintillating grid illusion. I designed this illusion just by turning 45 degrees the Herman grid and then by applying a polar transform.

Scintillating rays
From my book "EyeTricks", 2001-2007

The Hermann grid illusion is an optical illusion reported by Ludimar Hermann in 1870. The illusion is characterized by ghostlike gray blobs perceived at the intersections of a white grid on a black background. But I discovered that when you turn the grid 45 degrees an additional visual illusion appears: you may perceive a swarming of orthogonal darker lines! As if the opposite corners of each square are creating illusory flashing diagonals...

Hermann Grid

Animated Versions

The animated version of the illusion is more striking. With the power of your mind, you can make the geometrical pattern rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise (but when the pattern rotates clockwise, you will see the illusive radial beams rotate counter-clockwise, and vice-versa).

Animated Starburst

This animated version from Youtube features a rotating white pattern on a black background followed by a rotating black pattern on a white background. The scintillating effect is more apparent on the second variant.

I have experimented with many distinct pattern variants that produce illusive scintillating radial beams, as showcased below...

scintillating variants

scintillating circles

Scintillating circles

Scintillating starburst variant

Scintillating concentric rings


Ghost Color Variant: The shimmering blue and yellow rays of the rose-window-like patterns shown below are a construct of your mind (enlarge to see the effect). These Op Art works are available as prints and canvases from my official online gallery.

Ghost color variant


How does this op art illusion work?

But why do we see those illusory vibrating / scintillating rays in this kind of patterns? Probably because of their hidden structure. If we heavily remove the noise from the geometric patterns in fig. A with a photo editing filter, we obtain smoother patterns that show ‘subliminal’ radial beams (fig. B). If we continue the operation, we obtain even more smoother patterns with apparent blank rays (fig. C). This is how the pattern is encoded through the multiple layers of our brain. Which brings us back to the first explanation I gave you at the beginning of this page: the illusion is partly due to modal completion effect.

scintallating starburst explanation

smooth image 1

smooth image


magnifying glassSEE ALSO:
Autokinetic Illusions, Kinegrams, Dynamic Müller-Lyer illusion


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Sarcone, Gianni A. "Scintillating Starburst Illusion" From Sarcone’s Studio -- A Sarcone & Waeber Web Resource. https://giannisarcone.com/Scintillating_starburst.html

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