The Other Face Of Paris

Can you see the hidden ghost face?


At the origin of time... A suggestive sight of a portal embedded in a tree.

The Invention Of The Virgin

A surreal goddess emerging from a smoke turbulence.

The Unexpected Vortex Of Love

The background of the picture is based on the "Fraser spiral illusion", an optical illusion named after the Scottish psychologist James Fraser. The overlapping arc segments appear to form spirals; while, in reality, they are just aligned in a series of concentric circles/ellipses.


The forgotten twin.


A lucid dream of a distorted world! The platform and stair form an impossible continuous loop... The little girl could walk and climb around in a circle forever the stair and never get any higher.


The ghostly face appears to mysteriously change its features when you look at it. Moreover, If you unfocus your eyes and just look through the image, you will notice that after approximately 10-15 seconds the face gradually disappear.

Bridge To Eternity

While it looks like a peaceful scene of a creek and a bridge, a very sinister hidden image can also be found in this picture. Can you find it?

Mustacho Man

Surreal recursive mustaches


Monochrome picture of a surreal pose.

Mask Of Love

At first, it looks like a pensive face in a Venetian mask. But take a closer look at its features and you will see that it conceals a couple kissing. In 2011, this picture was nominated top ten best optical illusion of the year by Neural Correlate Society, an association that promotes research and education in the field of visual perception.

The Master Of Numbers

Photomosaic portrait. Can you see who is hiding within this random arrangement of number pics?