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Wonder is the mover of the world. Wonder, imagination and inventiveness are the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Each helps to stimulate our mind to assure us of a fulfilling day, every day.

portrait Gianni Sarcone

I am an experienced author and visual artist keen about communication. I love to work with brands, publishers and agencies to develop strong content, creative campaigns, and engaging products.

My creations prompt the audience to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside of the box.

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My experience in the field of problem solving and brain training, along with my competence in rendering accessible themes which would normally be left to the experts because of their supposed complexity, has brought me to collaborate with authoritative newspapers and magazines in the field of the diffusion of knowledge and entertainment.

For over 20 years I have been writing articles and columns on creativity, visual perception, curiosities and paradoxes from the world of science.

I also write energetic content, involving visual and counterintuitive games to captivate and entertain a particular or informed audience. Fun and challenging, my puzzles and games involve the reader in the process of solving through creative and critical thinking. The following puzzle features: Sarcone's Visual Illusions, Matchstick puzzles, Psycho-Games, and Hidden-picture puzzles are syndicated by Knight Features (contact: Ms. Gaby Martin).

Since 2000, my articles, columns and features have been published or syndicated by the following magazine publishers and syndication agencies:
• Smithsonian (USA) • Knight Features (UK) • Publications International, Ltd (USA) • Taller de Edición (CO) • Grüner + Jahr/Mondadori (IT) • National Geographic TV (USA) • Auspac Media (AU) • Bulls Press (DE) • The TIMES of India (IN) • Query – CICAP (IT) • Alice & Bob – MATEpristem (IT) • Tangram, rivista di cultura ludica (IT)


Diverse samples of articles I wrote for different magazines and newspapers
Gaming the brain Illusions et trucages en architecture Mask of love
"Gaming the brain", Smithsonian (1-page article). [Read] "Illusions et trucages en architecture", Tangente (column). [Read] "Mask of love", SCIAM Mind (1-page article). [Read]
Gli occhi fertili della mente Denkecken Magicamente
"Gli occhi fertili delle mente", Focus (7-page column). [Read] "Denkecken", Zeit-wissen (1-page article). [Read] "MagicaMente", Rivista xGioko (8-page column). [Read]

magnifying glassAre you looking for an experienced author who is concise, clear, imaginative, and able to provide articles and columns about the fun side of science or the magic of the brain in a simple and timely fashion? Contact me today to discuss your writing needs.

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Social Media
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