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Venn Diagram

My Palette: Colors, Shapes & Games

One day, walking and talking with his disciples, Plato affirmed: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. That is remarkably true!
The fact we are all individuals is one of the main characteristic of the human nature. Each person is different in regard to the way he or she learns or solves a problem. Some of us are visual, some are more auditory and others are more sensitive and receptive to spatial tactile stimuli. So, games may help us understand our true nature. The way we play or solve a puzzle can unconsciously show:
– Who we are,
– What we value,
– How we regard others and our environment.
Man is not much sapiens, but tremendously ludens ('playful', from Latin). In fact, human beings love playing, because games are synonymous with risk and astonishment. Games are 'enactments', and the act of playing is the most exciting emulation of reality. Games allow us to invent, experiment or re-create with the fantasy the many situations of life without the need to live them all!
I design objects that are meant to create surprise and joy, when their true nature is revealed. Many of my creations relate to the interconnection between art, science and game (as you can see from the Venn diagram opposite: Science, Art and Game are actually tightly interwoven). I like to play with familiar objects, shapes, colors, and materials that are embedded with emotional content, to create and develop new objects.

Some of My Colorful Inventions

Educational, recreational or practical objects involving colors, shapes and intuition

Trama game

I design and create strategy and family games that are visually attractive and exciting to play.

Kami playing cards

I create effective think-packs and toolboxes to foster creativity and critical thinking. 

Paradoxical puzzle

I invent and create impossible and paradoxical puzzles and interactive manipulatives.

watch Architempo

Architempo, the bicolor hologic watch that helps you catch the time in act.