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Writing is a powerful form of communication. As an author, I express and share ideas, emotions, experiences, and questions about existence through entertaining and creative fiction and non-fiction books.

I also collaborate with publishers, literary agents, and editors to create top-notch educational and entertaining books. My areas of expertise include cognitive sciences, perception, mental biases, recreational mathematics, brain training, problem-solving, optical illusions, self-enhancement, creativity, and visual art.

My books are tailored to the diverse interests of readers of all ages, offering them an engaging and captivating experience. Whether your readers want to marvel at the world, discover new ideas, be inspired by creativity, experiment with new concepts, or simply find pleasure in reading, my books will exceed their expectations. With a focus on reader enjoyment and a commitment to excellence, my books are a valuable addition to any publisher's portfolio.

All my work is based on the same essential principle: awaken curiosity

Being a visual artist, I often design and create the illustrations for my books. I work in English, French, and Italian. To get a better idea of my books, feel free to take a look at my bibliography. I'm currently working on an interactive book project that uses Kinegrams, which are static images that magically come to life and move when the reader overlays them with a special film.

Since 2002, I've written over 50 books commissioned and published by international publishing companies. My work has been featured in major scientific magazines, newspapers, and news agencies, including Mind, Scientific American, National Geographic Kids, New Scientist, and others.

In 2018, I was honored with the prestigious Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize.

Recent Publications

My books are listed in VIAF (Virtual International Authority Files) and WorldCat (World's Largest Library Catalog)