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Writing is a great mean of communication. A good author is able to express and share ideas, emotions, experience or questions about existence.
I write fiction and non-fiction books which are entertaining, creative and motivating for both children and adults. I also do work and write books on commission for Publishers, Literary Agents and Editors looking for the best in the field of education and entertainment. My main topics and areas of concentration are: Cognitive sciences, Perception and Mental biases that influence our rational thinking, Recreational mathematics, Brain training, Problem solving, Optical illusions, Self-enhancement, Creativity, and Visual art (my books are obviously intended for the general reading public).
My work responds to the essential needs of all readers big and small, whether they be: to marvel at the world we live in, to discover, to inspire, to experiment, to enjoy being surprised, to play, to acquire new skills, to communicate, to challenge the mind, to laugh, to solve and overcome problems, to explore new ways using the trial and error method, to create, to develop self-reliance, to share with others... and, above all, to have fun and to find pleasure in reading!

All my work is based on the same essential principle: awaken curiosity

Being also a visual artist, I usually create and design the illustrations of my books. English, French and Italian are my working languages. To get an idea of my book's production, don't hesitate to take a look at my bibliography. I am currently working on interactive book projects involving Kinegrams, which are static images that magically come into life and move as soon as the reader overlays them with a special film.
Since 2002, I have written more than 50 books commissioned and published by international publishing companies. My work has been covered by major scientific magazines, newspapers and news agencies, among which: Mind, Scientific American, National Geographic Kids, New Scientist, etc.
In 2018, I won the prestigious Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize.

Recent Publications

My books are listed in VIAF (Virtual International Authority Files) and WorldCat (World's Largest Library Catalog)