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Wonder is the mover of the world. Wonder, imagination and inventiveness are the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Each helps to stimulate our mind to assure us of a fulfilling day, every day.

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I am an experienced author and visual artist keen about communication. I love to work with brands, publishers and agencies to develop strong content, creative campaigns, and engaging products.

My creations prompt the audience to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside of the box.

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Kinegrams, Art in Motion!

During the 1960’s, the Op Art (short for Optic Art) movement began experimenting with pictures that stimulate the brain in such a way that they appear to move. It is around 1997 that I started developing optic kinetic media called 'Kinegrams'. With my kinetic technique based on early optical principles it is possible to transform everyday objects into little movie machines… These optical applications produce true amazing effects with simple phase-motion patterns and overlays having thin black pattern printed on them - rivaling the classic motion picture toys of a century ago!

How it works
All animation is based on the same principle: persistence of vision. The Kinegrams artfully combine the visual effects of moiré patterns with the zoetrope animation technique. The earliest attempts of this technique date back to the French pre-cinema technique of “Ombro-Cinéma” in the late XIX Century.
The animated sequence is created when the complex image - the Kinegram - is viewed through the acetate overlay with a solid black pattern printed on it. The blank spaces of the pattern being transparent, as the overlay is slid across the Kinegram, different sections of the Kinegram become visible... Your brain links this succession of appearing images together, creating the illusion of fluid motion, as shown in the two examples below.

Windmill Stripe Overlay Animated Windmill
Is the basic still image with special kinoptic patterns. There are many way to create a Kinegram... You can see here two main types.
Transparent overlay
Acetate with solid black lines. The width of the stripes depends on the phase-motion of the Kinegram. But the acetate can also present other kinds of patterns, such as round blank holes, as shown below.
Animated still image
When the overlay is slid from side to side over the Kinegrams the windmill blades start to rotate and the horse, to gallop!
enlarge pic above] [enlarge pic below]
kinegram with holes 1 kinegram with holes 2 Animated kinegram with holes

Kinegrams can be used in books, animated cards, works of art, interior design, and on many other products. Below are some Kinegram samples you can play or experiment with.

Playing with words
Kinegrams are highly interactive and can be a smart way to teach and promote the pleasure of reading to children. In effect, they allow words to become alive and to poetically transform into images, and viceversa, catching the curiosity and attention of youngsters and adults alike.

Kinegram Hypnose Kinegram Tunnel Kinegram Rotor
Hypnotic visual effects using the word Hypnosis. [click to try it yourself right now]
Amazing optical effects using the word Tunnel. [click to try it yourself right now]
Rotational moving effect with the word Rotor. [click to try it yourself right now]
Playing with shapes
Kinegrams represent a dynamical and amazing way to investigate the many aspects of shapes and colors. With this technique, hypnotic abstract shapes and patterns appear to move in a loop-like seamless fashion.
Kinegram Twist Kinegram Squares Kinegram Checkered
Twisting Cords
Colorful ropes that appear to wind and unwind. [click to try it yourself right now]
Squares in a Cube
Concentric squares that expand in a cube. [click to try it yourself right now]
Warping Checkers
A checkered structure warping front to back. [click to try it yourself right now]
Capturing the emotions and instant of everyday life
Any everyday life act or gesture can be visually simulated by Kinegrams: walking, dacing, swimming, flying... Like a very short yet significant film!
Kinegram Dancing Girl Kinegram Lipstick Kinegram Flying Birds
Dancing Girl
A pretty girl who apparently loves to dance. [click to try it yourself right now]
A mysterious woman who puts on lipstick. [click to try it yourself right now]
Flying Birds
A flock of flying birds that migrate South. [click to try it yourself right now]


An interesting variant: the rotating Kinegram
The “Rotating Kinegram” is a development of the linear Kinegram process. While with classic Kinegram the still image comes to life as soon as an overlay with solid vertical lines is slid across it, with Rotating Kinegram process instead the still image animates when a transparent disc with printed radial stripes is spun over it. A very simple example is shown below, you can see more interesting examples and applications of Rotating Kinegrams from my Behance gallery. This kind of Kinegram can be used to illustrate interactive children books, to animate advertising material, or to decorate watches in a dynamic fashion.

Pulsation, Kinegram
[see it in motion!]

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Sarcone & Waeber. Make You Own 3D Illusions, Carlton Books, p. 21, 2007.

Sarcone's work on Behance

Sarcone, Gianni A. "Kinegrams, Art in Motion." From Sarcone’s Studio -- A Sarcone & Waeber Web Resource. http://giannisarcone.com/Kinegrams.html

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