Ghost Colors

This is one of my earliest color optical illusions. There is no yellow or green in the diamond shapes, just vertical black lines! (If you don’t believe it, use a eyedropper tool to check it.) This intriguing visual effect is mainly due to “simultaneous color contrast induction“.

Illusive colors
Ghost Squares / Black Diamonds (2002 – 2007)
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KINECHROMATICS: A new three-framed animation

I would like to present a new way of my invention to animate static images with the interaction of additive and subtractive colors. I have called this new animation system KINECHROMATICS (patent pending).

The static image below is made of 3 layers having each a different subtractive primary color (magenta, yellow, or cyan) blended in ‘multiply mode’…Kinechromatics static image Continue Reading

Emerson’s Secret

When Crayola‘s senior designer Emerson Moser retired in 1990 – after 37 years of loyal services – he finally admitted he was color vision deficient… Moser went on to produce a record 1.4 billion crayons during his career! While any type of color vision deficiency (color blindness) could make crayon production difficult, complete color vision deficiency where someone can only see in shades of gray is extremely rare. About 99% of color vision deficiency is just the inability to distinguish between some couples of complementary colors. You can test your color vision on my website.

crayola crayons