The Master of Numbers

Presenting “The Master of Numbers,” my acclaimed artwork. This photomosaic portrait, assembled from 288 random number-themed photos, creates a captivating optical illusion, revealing the image of a great physicist from a distance.

Currently showcased in numerous Museum of Illusions globally, posters and prints of this optical art can be found on my online store.

einstein large

einstein 2

Here is a close-up of a selection from these 288 seemingly random number-themed photographs,
What adds to the portrait’s intrigue is that 288 is a superfactorial, a product of consecutive factorials and a product of descending powers, as well as being a sum of ascending powers:
288 = 1! · 2! · 3! · 4! = 1⁴ · 2³ · 3² · 4¹ = 1¹ + 2² + 3³ + 4⁴
This coincidence highlights the beauty of numbers in art.

einstein 3

einstein 4

einstein 5

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