Subliminal Faces

This series of works questions the many cognitive aspects of faces’ recognition. People often see hidden faces in things, clouds, landscapes, or in architectural structures… Finding the latent or virtual image hidden in the manifest image is a mental process related to the concept of the “lost object” used in psychoanalysis. As an artist, I enjoy including subliminal messages or figures in my work. My paintings, photographs and collages play on the foreground and background relationship of our visual perception and represent common or iconic faces the viewer has to rediscover.

The Master of Numbers
Collage – mixed media, 2006

Photomosaic portrait of Albert Einstein made with random photographs of numbers.
It is only when the viewer moves away from the image that the portrait of Einstein appears. It is the distance that creates and unveils the truth, because everything is relative as Einstein once said and everything depends on the context, the environment or the point of view.

I Am Behind
Screen-printing, 2003

Shake your head to see more distinctly the woman face behind the vertical lines.

The Other Face of Paris
Photograph, 1998

If you look at the center of this photograph for a while a face will suddenly emerge.

Mixed media, 2011

The ghostly face appears to mysteriously change its features when you look at it for a while. This spooky portrait is made by merging together the photographs of 50 distinct human faces.

All the works above are available as prints and canvases from my online gallery