Is seeing believing? This book will prove the contrary

I really enjoy communicate the mysteries behind the science of perception in a simple and clear manner with the use of instructive images.

We live in a “reallusive” world… Illusions are not totally unreal, because we feel them as they were real. Reality is also a kind of ‘illusion’. The outside world is mediated through our sense organs: vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell. All what we perceive and feel are just REPRESENTATIONS of reality, not the reality itself.

Children have a different way of looking at the world. So, writing and illustrating optical illusion books for kids is not an easy task, because they are less fooled by visual illusions than adults. This is due to the fact that brain’s capacity to consider the CONTEXT of visual scenes, and not just focus on SINGLE PARTS of scenes, develops very slowly.

My new work “Optical Illusions” will make you question: “is seeing believing?”… The brain is an amazing thing, but it doesn’t always get things right when it comes to sight. My book is here to explain why, with astounding images, baffling puzzles, and simple reveals.

Featuring almost fifty amazing optical illusions, it explains how playing around with the context of colors, shapes and tones, and by changing viewpoints, your eyes and brain can be tricked into seeing things that aren’t there, or incorrectly seeing things that are.

Throughout the book will be chances for the reader to get hands-on with the illusions, with step-by-step experiments, or tips on how to draw his/her own moving optic art on paper or on the computer. Templates included at the back of the book reveal answers.

I explained the science behind each illusion in an engaging way, to encourage the reader to find out more each time.

The book is beautifully presented with a cool illusion on the front that moves and presents a superbly dizzying pattern (move it around with your fingers for maximum effect!).

The page design and my bright color illustrations suit this for both a school library shelf and a child’s bedroom. Adults beware – open this book only if you have a bit of time to spare!

I have been commissioned for this book project by Quarto Knows Publishing. Interested in working with me? Please, get in touch!

My book “Optical Illusion” is available from:
– Amazon US
– Amazon UK
– Abebooks
– Book Depository
Some excerpts of the book:

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A simple but suggestive video presentation of the book:

My book “Optical Illusion” is available from:
– Amazon US
– Amazon UK
– Abebooks
– Book Depository

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My book “Optical Illusion” is available in the following languages:
I am happy and proud to announce that my book “Optical Illusions” won the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2018!
The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize aims to encourage the writing, publishing and reading of excellent, accessible books that communicate science to young people. Once shortlisted by a panel of expert adult judges, the reins are handed over to judging panels made up of school and youth groups across the UK. The Prize is awarded to the best book that communicates science to young people (aged up to 14) in English.
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