An op art sculpture and/or a fidget puzzle to play with over and over!

Dynacube” is a new line of 3D puzzles featuring my optical art. It isn’t just a puzzle but also a living piece of art. This 3D game is available in 4 distinct styles from Recent Toys: http://www.recenttoys.com/project/dynacube/
Dynacube is a fun game for kids and adults alike to practice their logical thinking and motor skills.


Display with 4 distinct styles of Dynacubes

It is possible to create more than 100 symmetrical shapes! So, it was a real challenge for me to create op art patterns that look fine and seamless at each 3D folding manipulation. This puzzle is the perfect fidget toy for anyone who wants to keep their hands occupied while they focus on the task at hand. Each Dynacube comes with a booklet containing 60 different configurations.


Each Dynacube comes with a booklet of 60 different configurations

You can see below all the diagrams that were used to design and create the puzzle…