Breathing Hexagon

This is one of my earliest self-moving op art work (2003). Have a look at the static image above, don’t you have the feeling that the sets of lenticular shapes seem to expand?

Below is an animated variant made of multiple frames, each one being the same in shape but different in color. So, in the animated GIF, only color hues change smoothly. But as you can see, the end result is pretty amazing – It seems as if the hexagon (or the cube) slowly pulsates with each frame-change/transition. Even though none of that is real, and each and every lenticular shape stands perfectly still, the pattern still somehow manages to “breathe”!

breathing hexagon

Actually, a progressive or regressive hue sliding in any static image can produce a spatial visual feeling and a strong motion effect. I have made a tutorial to explain how does this illusion work.