Godzilla could turn off that switch!

on_off_switch Escif is a Spanish muralist and street artist, most of his work can be found in the streets of his town, Valencia, but also in countries such as Canada, France, Italy, Poland and more.
The use of subdued colors and simple lines helps the artist make a humorous statement on various sensitive social or political issues, like in this gigantic mural for Poland’s “Katowice Street Art Festival”.

Juxtaposed next to those who passers-by, the artwork looks ridiculously large. Carefully painting just a few colors, Escif gives the illusion that some sort of giant can really turn off that switch!

Size exaggeration in art is not something new. Since centuries art movements and artists have played with ‘monumentalism’ or ‘gigantism’, creating truly mastodontic works and installations capable of arousing wonder, amazement, admiration, fun and also, sometimes, anxiety. Psychologically speaking, gigantism expresses that our needs to possess things are disproportionate to our opportunities of enjoying them. To adults gigantism may be a recollection of childhood, when all things towered above us.

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