Title: Pink Polynomial

This still op art work appears to bulge, expand and/or moving forward!

Title: Losing My Mind

Though it looks very simple, the kinetic sensation of this picture is very strong: the black and gray "teardrops" on the right side of the image appear to be moving down while the ones on the left side appear to be moving up!

Title: Asu - Breath - Respiro

This op art work looks like it is breathing. Staring at this hypnotic image for too long may give you an uneasy feeling.

Title: Running Waters

The vertical blue lines seem to twist up and down like a water flow.

Title: Golden Fluids

If you concentrate on the circular golden rings, you may see a vibrating fluid moving around.

Title: Joyful Umbrellas

Beautiful visual effect: the colorful hexagons seem to rotate and expand!

Title: Blue Brain Waves

Trance vision: static image containing rows of color lenticular shapes that seem to move side to side.

Title: Super Beams

Stare at the center of this radial pattern. Do you notice something interesting? The alignments of bright discs seem to pulse like runway lights at an airport.

Title: Burning Heart

The heart, and surrounding blue and green background, appear to swirl around and be in motion as you shift your gaze around the various parts of this image.

Title: Fleeing Destiny

The goldfish appears swimming away from the bait!

Title: Fluerescent Waves

The wavy fluorescent lines seem to wink and flicker just like real Xmas lights!

Title: Unspiral

This colorful geometric pattern appears to magically rotate and move.

Title: Mystic Flying Bat

In this kinoptic picture, the black bat seems to flutter, move and/or expand. Moreover, when you stare for a while at it and close your eyes you will see a white bat.

Title: Flashing Star

This op art features a blue, red, and yellow spiral that seems to flash or pulsate as you stare at it.

Title: Stay High!

As you shift your gaze around this pattern the small dots appear to sparkle.

Unspiral II

The spiral-like pattern seems to rotate anti-clockwise. Of course, the image is perfectly static!

Title: Hold On Tight

The blue drops seem to move up and down and the yellow horizontal lines appear to wave and wobble

Title: Hypnotic Vibes

Do you perceive the reddish portion of this design to be pulsating? Some people can even synchronize the virtual pulsations of the picture with the beat of their own heart.